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Circuit Simulation

SIMetrix is an affordable mixed-mode circuit simulator designed for professional circuit designers. Its features include:

Closely coupled SPICE3 analog simulator and event driven digital simulator

Best convergence in class. Possibly best convergence of any PC based simulator. See Convergence for more details.

Fully integrated hierarchical schematic entry and waveform viewer

Comprehensive schematic probing facilities

Supported for CMOS IC design including BSIM3 and MOS9 devices.

Monte-Carlo analysis including histogram plotting feature

Advanced waveform viewer with multiple grids and axes, cursor measurements and zoom backtrack

Waveform analysis features allow a wide range of calculations to be performed on displayed waveforms. Examples include RMS, rise and fall time, overshoot and settling time

Full featured script language allowing automation of simulations, advanced data analysis and user interface customisation

100% customer satisfaction. Since its inception 5 years ago, not one single customer has returned or asked to return a copy of SIMetrix, or expressed dissatisfaction with SIMetrix in any way

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SIMetrix is a low cost SPICE analog circuit simulation package and schematic editor for Windows 95 and NT. A free version of the software may be downloaded from this site. 



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